Imagine what can be done when people give their time, their collective gifts, and their resources wholeheartedly to a vision that desires to reach, serve, and love people that are far from God.

How many communities can be touched with the love of Jesus? How many food boxes given to families in need? How much time can be invested pouring into the next generation? 

Although we can't reach them all - we can reach some. Part of the reason we are moving our church from Winter Park to Casselberry is to expand our efforts in reaching and serving people with the Hope and Love of our heavenly Father.

Our 6,000 sqft. facility will allow us more space to do just that - reach and serve. Our location is ideally located near the one of the busiest crossroads in Casselberry. Not only are we in the middle of a bustling commercial center, we are also easily accessible to many of the housing communities in the area. 

Before you decide to give, take a quick moment and watch the video below. We hope that you will help us reach our goal.